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Foreign Investment



We advise foreign clients in establishing presence in the Philippines through various modes of entry such as subsidiaries, branch or representative offices, and regional headquarters. We advise foreign clients on the best mode of entry depending on the business objective of the client.


With special mention is our expertise in foreign investments. Foreign investors such as multinational companies are provided the best advice on all stages of doing business in the Philippines, advice on the various business issues such as foreign exchange, remittance of dividends, capital repatriation, fiscal and non-fiscal incentives, and procedures and documentations for conducting business.


Once a presence is established, we provide continuing support, including acting as corporate secretary and board representative. We may sit as director or officer for the local office to serve as the principal’s eyes and ears on the ground, providing clients with much needed security and continuing reports on local operations to the parent company. Our ever-increasing foreign clients from Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong SAR, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, United States can certainly attest.

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